How to: Glassware Basics

There are so many cocktail glasses on the market - different purposes, sizes… not to mention varying colors and details. But space is limited and frankly, housing a large stash of glasses just for one-off events isn’t ideal. So, what does one really need to be well-stocked, but not excessive? Read on…

Water Glass: Let No Guest Go Unhydrated.

We believe investing in pretty water glasses will help ensure that every party, and morning after, goes more smoothly. Looking for a new everyday essential? Opt for a clear set in one of our two etchings. Feeling adventurous? Tortoise adds character and is never out of style.

Easy hosting tip: Add 1 sliced blood orange, 1 sliced cara cara orange, and a handful of rosemary to your water pitcher. Let sit for 20-30 minutes. 

Rocks Glass: The Cocktail Classic.

Margarita, Old Fashioned, just a drink on the rocks! Most cocktails are perfectly served in a rocks glass. We love the wide base and mouth of this one and are partial to the hand-etched stripes on the smoke blue glass. You’ll be channeling Don Draper with this bar staple.

Our Triple Threat: Cocktail MVP.  

Do you really need another cocktail glass? We think so. This glass is the ultimate multi-tasker, as it's ideal for wine, martinis, and margaritas (and frankly any other mixed drink on your radar. With the hand-etched stars and easy-to-sip design, it is certain to be the glass you reach for over and over.

Stemless Wine Glass: Fuller Pours, Fewer Spills.
This is a no brainer in our eyes. With four boys between us, stemmed glasses aren’t a thing in our lives. And frankly, it’s not just because of the boys. These glasses are easier to wash and they balance well with plates and cocktails. They’re just an all-around great weight and size. Our starry glasses are a classic and versatile option -- an every-week-staple in our houses! 


Stemless Champagne: Tis (Always) the Season.

As the holiday season approaches, we have no doubt lots of champagne will be poured. It’ll come as no surprise that we love a stemless option, and we’ve got a thing for etched bubbles. They add an elegant detail for the holidays while being transitional enough to use year-round.


Stemless Martini: Strong and Sophisticated.

Last but not least, this glass perfectly rounds out your collection—whether you’re a regular martini drinker or not. Another stemless masterpiece, it lives comfortably in your freezer. It’s ready for action and looks appropriately masculine in our striped etching. Cheers! 

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