Simple Flower Arranging Tips

Fresh flowers and greenery instantly brighten any room. Year-round, we love incorporating plants into our everyday. Here are our quick tips for easy flower arranging:

1. Strip off the leaves in the the mid- to lower section of each stem. Leaves that are left in the water in the vase will quickly rot and mold (and it makes for a cleaner look). 


2. Trim your stems to the correct height. An easy rule of thumb that many people use is to keep your stems one-and-a-half to two times the height of the vase. 


3. Style your blooms! Many people like to keep the taller stems in the center with the shorter blooms along the outside (this can look particularly nice in our Lettuce Leaf Vase). For floppy blooms, secure them with a rubber band to hold them in place.  

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