How She Hosts: Cassidy Montgomery

"How She Hosts": a Q&A series with women who inspire us

Cassidy Montgomery is a Charlotte-based Interiors Influencer, sharing her love of beautiful décor, personal home projects and the life that runs aside it all on her Instagram account @home.on.the.web . After working for a design firm for 10 years, she retired to focus more on her family. Her Instagram account became her passion project for sharing amazing finds and her great love of the interior’s world. She lives in a home forever under a new renovation, with her Home Builder husband and three young children.  

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How do you like to entertain? What is the vibe?

Most often a last minute dinner party which sometimes includes a gaggle of children running wild as well. Which means things are pretty casual- but that doesn’t mean the table has to be kid-friendly (hello kiddy table). Feed them earlier and then turn on a movie, gives you at least an hour for an adult only dinner!

What are you serving?

To be completely honest probably take out or prepared dishes from somewhere. With 3 kids, I’m usually spending too much time picking up the house to put together a spread. If we do get our acts together, we’ll do pizzas on the Ooni.

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What are you sipping?

A martini before dinner and Chardonnay at dinner.

What are you wearing?

An easy dress and always shoeless 

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 What are you listening to?

An eclectic combo of Paul Simon, Al Green, Lake Street Drive, Chris Stapleton, and Nappy Roots.

How do you make your guests feel special? How do you make them feel at home?

Growing up (and still to this day) my mother was always hosting a dinner. She always makes the effort for her guests to feel comfortable and welcomed. Some key pointers I picked up were to always offer a full bar, to accommodate different preferences. Be prepared with mixers and citrus, as well as NA options. Clean up before they arrive (pick up toys, do your dishes, clean the powder room, etc). Be sure to have appetizers scattered in areas where people will be lingering. Have the table set and ready upon anyone’s arrival. Light a candle and turn on the music!

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If you are hosting a dinner, what is your go-to centerpiece? 

Flowers always!

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How do you end a celebration?

An espresso martini and/or a dance party 

What is your favorite Half Past Seven product to entertain with?

Tough question. I pretty much will always use my Tortoise Rocks Glasses on any table I set. The Scalloped Rattan Tray always comes out for an impromptu bar. The Cracker Boat is Entertaining 101’s poster child, everyone needs it. 

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Let’s play this or that…

  • Charger OR Placemat: Charger
  • Stemmed OR Stem-less: Stemmed 
  • Red OR White: White
  • Tablecloth OR Bare: Tablecloth
  • Votives OR Taper Candle: Tapers
  • Formal OR Informal: Informal in a Formal Setting

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