How to: Make Your Bar Mocktail Friendly

We love a home bar. It is functional yet visually appealing, and so often it is the center of many gatherings. We also love that it allows guests the comfort to help themselves, and that goes for guests who prefer a non-alcoholic treat too. So in this spirit, here are four favorite elements to include in your bar set up for easy and delicious mocktails.

In case you are unfamiliar with this term, a mocktail is an alcohol-less cocktail. 

One. Our Rocks glasses: In our opinion, there's no better glass for a mocktail (or cocktail) than a Rocks Glass. It holds the perfect amount of liquid (and ice, if you choose) and fits squarely in your hand. Our colors and etchings elevate the everyday glass. 

Half Past Seven's Starry Rocks Glass

Two. Citrus: It sounds obvious but fresh citrus immediately makes a standard drink special. We love stocking up on lemons, limes, oranges (and even a grapefruit or two) any time of year. The fresh colors and subtle scents are invigorating, and a squeeze or a slice can make even club soda festive. We also love that it was be a welcome red herring for guests that don't want to make it known that they're not drinking. 

Photo via Cozy Cravings

Three. A good elixir: There are a slew of easy mocktail recipes on the internet, but our favorite mocktail hack is to be well-stocked on cocktail syrups and elixirs. Our favorite is Gris Gris Cocktail Magic. With their creative combinations and easy-to-follow recipes, you’ll never miss the booze. 

Gris Gris Cocktail Magic

Four. Linen napkins: Linen cocktail napkins immediately elevate any drink, whether it has alcohol in it or not. Festive, plain, clever, or monogrammed, great cocktail napkins will spruce up any home bar. 

Half Past Seven's Linen Napkins

Five. Scalloped Rattan Tray: This hand-woven tray is the perfect base for your mocktail bar. It holds all of your required items - glassware, elixirs, mixers and more - yet still looks stylish in any room.

Half Past Seven's Scalloped Rattan Tray

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