Why We Love a Tablecloth

In our opinion, a table is not complete until it has a tablecloth. Whether it is a plain solid color or an elaborate pattern, we love this look. Read on for our top reasons to always use a tablecloth:

Protective: Your tablecloth is the frontline protection for your table, saving it from red wine spills, salad dressing drips, and stray pieces of dinner. Yes, a big spill might still seep onto your table, but for smaller spills, this added layer of protection can solve it.

Personality: A tablecloth gives you the opportunity to try something new. Maybe your dining or kitchen area is very neutral, a tablecloth allows you to add a punch of a brighter color or pattern. It also gives you the chance to try something and hate it! Going out on a limb with a tablecloth is much safer than wallpaper or even paint.

People:  From Amazon to expensive boutiques, tablecloths are in and available. However, not all tablecloths are made equal and we are loving the ones we have found from France. These are inspired by and designed in Provence and hand-blocked in India. We’re proud to support artisans who take time to perfect and grow their craft and to work with an organization that produces intentionally in this era of fast fashion and manufacturing.

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