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"How She Hosts:" a Q&A series with our favorite female hosts.

Katie Kime is the Founder and CEO of her eponymous brand, based in Austin, Texas. Katie Kime was founded in 2013 when Katie began making prints for clothing, furniture, and paper. Ten years later, Katie is known for vibrant approach to dressing both herself and her home, and her prints and personalized products bring color and whimsy to the most functional, everyday pieces.



Katie and her husband are consummate hosts. From large outdoor gatherings to intimate dinner parties to hosting a slew of overnight guests, Katie does it right. However, it's not just her gorgeous prints and creativity that make her gatherings special. It's her ability to remember details about her guests and her warm, generous spirit that immediately puts her guests at ease.
In addition to being a fabulous hostess, Katie is also a dear friend of Margaret, one of the two Half Past Seven founders. Katie and Margaret went to college together, roomed together during a semester abroad in Florence, Italy and still see each other regularly, despite living a time zone apart. We are thrilled to have Katie kick off our How She Hosts series and tell us more about how she entertains in her home.


How do you like to entertain? What is the vibe (where, feeling, how)?

I love to entertain at my home. I really wish I did it more often with smaller groups (one or two couples), but it seems I mostly host larger events: a company party, a big birthday party (for someone in our family or a friend), a fundraiser event. So the vibe ends up being a bit of a “more is more” situation… though that’s probably not too surprising ;) ...and by that I mean really layered table settings, usually some sort of entertainment. My favorite was a Mariachi band  during cocktail hour for my husband’s 40th and most recently a string quartet playing Christmas songs by our fire pit for my company party. I enjoy it so I do most of it myself: the tables, flowers, planning, and so on. The drinks and food I usually have some help with. 

What are you serving?

I usually am working with a few close relationships I’ve made in Austin for the larger events. They are the OG’s of Austin parties which is fun because they keep it so intimate and personal while being able to maintain a bigger group than I could on my own. When I am hosting smaller dinners or brunches for friends I’m definitely always serving major apps. I go so big here. And for the record all those expensive charcuterie boards out there – no shade – but anyone can make them! I Pinterest it up all the time for those and other apps. For the main course it is usually my husband, as grill master. But I will say, if I look back on what I’ve served guests the most over the years, it’s chicken potpie from the Foster’s Market Cookbook. Margaret knows that well!

Katie Kime Apres Ski Toile

What are you sipping?

If I’m out it’s a martini which I feel like is more chic than my honest answer for when I’m at home: a ranch water. (I don’t know if that yet is a thing outside of Texas but it’s just a sexier way of saying tequila, soda, lime). And after discovering Lalo, I have learned that all tequilas are not created equally. 

What are you wearing?

I love a good caftan while hosting, when weather appropriate. Otherwise definitely a maxi dress.


What are you listening to?

I like Lumineers Radio on Spotify for an array of songs that are general enough for most people’s liking and upbeat enough to keep the party alive. 

How do you make your guests feel special? How do you make them feel at home?

I do place cards as often as possible because I feel like seeing your name at a table always makes you feel special. If that feels too formal for certain gatherings I still try to place an individual something at each person’s plate: a small candy or fun question if it’s a part of the evening’s conversation, perhaps an individual flower…

If you are hosting a dinner, what is your go-to centerpiece?

I am usually entertaining on a long dining table so I tend to do lots of small bud vases down the table with tall candles mixed in. I feel like this is an easy way to make a big statement. Peonies or ranunculus are my favorites to use when in season but I’ve found that even eucalyptus or other greeneries work too!

Katie Kime Nashville Toile

How do you end a celebration?

We have two fire pits on our property so when the weather permits, ending by one of them with an evening drink and often a “fancy s’more” is my favorite ending. Otherwise it’s on our screened porch with some light music. Definitely outside when possible. 

What is your favorite Half Past Seven product to entertain with?

I’ve never had great cocktail napkins so when other hosts have linen ones (versus paper ones) I’m always impressed. So the embroidered linen cocktail napkins particularly the “Drinks Well With Others” set are definitely going to up my hosting game. 

Half Past Seven Linen Cocktail Napkins

Let’s play "this or that"…

  • Charger vs. Placemat? Charger
  • Stemmed vs. Stem-less? Stemmed 
  • Red vs. White? White
  • Tablecloth vs. Bare? Tablecloth
  • Votives vs. Taper Candle? Taper candle
  • Formal vs. Informal? Formal

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