How She Hosts: Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter of Jennifer Hunter Design is the founder of a boutique residential firm based in New York City. Her design philosophy is all about balance, scale, and proportion as she believes those are the key components that make up a space.  Her aesthetic can be described as equal parts tailored and eclectic, glamorous and relaxed, bold and subtle. It is this unique balance that she strive for in every project. She is constantly drawing inspiration from my surroundings, whether that be Central Park, museums, or fashion. She is all about getting up and going to see, touch, and experience. It is the best way to learn and evolve. She is also a mom to two adorable little girls, Hadley and Elle who keep her very busy!


How do you like to entertain? What is the vibe (where, feeling, how)? Anyone who knows me knows I do not cook, however I do love to entertain!  I am a collector of linens and china so definitely something at home.  Oh and I love a good theme and to theme dress so come prepared!

What are you serving? Well since cooking isn’t an option, take out on fun china!

What are you sipping? Spicy margaritas all the way!

What are you wearing? A costume!

What are you listening to? Something on theme!

How do you make your guests feel special? How do you make them feel at home? I will come up with a theme that everyone loves and can really get into.  Also party games are a must!

If you are hosting a dinner, what is your go-to centerpiece? Usually florals that I picked up from the local bodega and arranged in vintage and antique vessels.

How do you end a celebration? A dance party!

What is your favorite Half Past Seven product to entertain with?  The Scalloped Rattan Tray. It is perfect for serving cocktails or creating a little DIY bar set up.  It is truly so versatile.   

Let’s play this or that…

  • Charger OR Placemat
  • Stemmed OR Stem-less
  • Red OR White
  • Tablecloth OR Bare
  • Votives OR Taper Candle
  • Formal OR Informal

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