The Small Batch Shoppe

Our Small Batch Shoppe is a collection of handmade products with intentionally limited quantities that honors purposeful design and celebrates the craft of artists in San Miguel de Allende.

Lunar Collection

We believe black is a neutral in dining, and our "smoke" color is Half Past Seven's version. This shade is unexpected yet equally as versatile as white. As many chefs have said, ‘the plate is your canvas,’ and nothing showcases food quite like dark ceramics. 

Inkwell Collection

Half Past Seven’s take on splatter-ware, the indigo blue was influenced by the shade of ink commonly found in an inkwell. The blue droplets are organic, hand “painted” splatter, making our “vanilla bean white” very prominent. With its pattern, our Inkwell line is versatile enough for the everyday, but still has personality with its ink-y splatter.

Lettuce Leaf Collection

Inspired by the popularity of our Lettuce Leaf Vase, this line is available in “vanilla bean white.” The rippled edges of these plates perfectly mimic both the vegetable and our Lettuce Leaf Vase, differentiating this neutral. The Lettuce Leaf Line can mix-and-match with our other lines seamlessly or can stand on its own as an everyday set.