Fall Into the Classics

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, we are channeling the classics this season. Warm textures, layers, and mainstays like tortoise, rattan and chinoiserie are what we're reaching for. Read below for our seven tips on how to "fall" into the classics. 


ONE. Layer colors, texture and personal treasures to give a sense of depth and nostalgia. Scallop rattan trays provide the perfect base for layers, and we love incorporating literal layers with our Turkish rugs


TWO. Chinoiserie is a nod to tradition and works in every room. Whether it’s a ginger jar in your entryway or a planter in your kitchen, this element is a classic that you can’t have too much of.


THREE. Hues of blue and green create warmth while keeping things fresh. Take green to the literal level and bring the outdoors in. Fresh greenery and blooms from your yard or the grocery will look great in our Lettuce Leaf Vase or any of our San Miguel de Allende Vases


FOUR. Classics like stripes and tortoise feel elevated and never go out of style. We consider these neutrals, as they can be layered with any color and with other patterns. 

FIVE. Mix materials like pewter, olive wood, rattan, and marble. We love natural elements that feel grounded, like rattan and olive wood, and incorporate pewter regularly. Maintaining a mix of materials keeps your rooms dynamic.


SIX. A touch of black in every room provides a sense of depth. Whether it is a piece of black furniture or even the smallest black detail, like our Lunar Flower Vase, any amount of this color anchors a room. 


SEVEN. Incorporate a playful element to elevate your room, like a piece of art, a hand-etched glass or an embroidered cocktail napkin. As we like to say, life is too short to skip the celebration, so make your home delightful!

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