Host More in 2024 with our Hostess Handbook

As we turn the page on a new year, we hope that one of your resolutions is to entertain in your home more often. We believe that life is fueled by relationships, and what better way to cultivate those than to gather your loved ones in your home. But we know hosting can be daunting - how much should I buy, what should I serve, what things do I need? These are all questions and conundrums we've faced.


So, to remedy these hesitations, we called in our best resource, Rie Meriwether Godsey. Rie built an impressive and expansive business in hospitality that spans the Eastern Seaboard, and with her expertise and guidance, we've created The Hostess Handbook - your playbook for entertaining.


In the Handbook, you'll find tips (like how much ice to buy for a large cocktail party), seasonal menus (with recipes included), and other learnings from a pro (like why puff pastry is one of her MVPs). We hope this is your go-to resource as we kick off 2024 and one that you'll reach for for years to come. 

Read and download The Hostess Handbook here.

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