Artist in Residence: Daniel Garver

Introducing Half Past Seven's “Artist in Residence” – an ongoing series to highlight small batch fine art, handmade items, and curated antique collections. Each “Artist in Residence” release will spotlight one of our favorite makers or curators, featuring exclusive collections that will be available for a limited time. When possible, we will share more on the artist or maker through an interview.

We are thrilled to bring you the third post in our artist spotlight series focusing on Daniel Garver. Daniel's pieces will be available for purchase on our website.

Where are you based? 

Penland, North Carolina

Tell us what you love about living in {Penland, NC} and how it influences your work.

Penland is a small community of artists just outside Spruce Pine, NC. I am currently a long term Resident Artist at the Penland School of Craft. I work alongside 7 other residents and operate my own studio and practice out of a gorgeous renovated space called the barns. The community is full of creativity, and offers a unique atmosphere in which artists come together to explore and share ideas. There is no place quite like Penland School of Craft and I am really honored to get to be a part of it for 3 years. 

Daniel's Studio at Penland

Tell us about your background and how you got your start. 

My family is pretty evenly split between creative types and math/science types. This I think has definitely played a part in my background and how I consider making things. I fall into the camp of creative but I approach designing and making in a very analytical way. My grandparents owned a gallery for years in Madison, WI and I grew up working there and learning about gallery/artist relationships, framing, gallery openings etc. this was a very informative time for me and I think solidified a lot of my intentions to pursue an artistic path. 

Daniel's Studio at  Penland

What type(s) of materials do you typically work with? 

I typically work with clay and more specifically porcelain for the past several years. I create the work using the process of slipcasting, a process in which plaster molds are made and liquid porcelain casting slip is formed within these molds. Slipcasting is most commonly used within the ceramic industry to replicate forms. 

Cup by Daniel Garver


What inspires your work? 

I look at a variety of different sources when designing and making my work. Lately my focus has been on cast concrete and the structures used in the process. I enjoy looking at how concrete is used in architecture and specifically brutalist architecture. When designing my work I use quite a bit of geometry to draft out the designs, the visual language that comes from using a compass and straightedge are just gorgeous to me.

Describe your entertaining style in three words. 

Calm, flavorful, conversational

Describe your ‘cocktail set up’ - what are your go-to music, food and drink selections? 

My partner and I love to host, and cocktails are a big part of that. Having lived in New Mexico for a number of years, there was a great variety of Mezcal available so Palomas and Margaritas were prominent. We would often serve up homemade tamales, green chilis, fresh salsas, etc. Being back on the east coast though we definitely lean towards Bourbon (my partner grew up in Kentucky) and negronis. As for music, my go to is this playlist you can find online, it is called “Chances with Wolves” it has a very eclectic compilation of music from all over the world and has been running for a long time so you will never run out of great new music to listen to!

What HP7 item would you like to give or receive as a gift?

The Tortoise Rocks Glasses, but I think I'd love to keep those for our home!


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