Half Past Seven Values: What’s In a Name?

During the naming process of Half Past Seven, we toyed with several ideas. From aspirational to practical, elusive to straightforward, we covered a lot of ground. But when we came to "Half Past Seven," we knew it was the clear winner. 

What does it mean? Simply put, 7:30. But  deeper meaning alludes to an era where every gathering started with a thoughtfully crafted invitation with the event times written out in words.  Our name --paired with nostalgic branding and globally sourced products-- perfectly represents the modern hostess who appreciates tradition and the entertaining details of decades past.  Additionally, we happen to think 7:30pm is a great time to start a party because it’s not too early and not too late.

However, in the case of entertaining, timing isn’t everything. You must consider food, cocktails and music of course, but  the feeling guests have while there, and the connections they make,  sets great gatherings apart from average ones.

At Half Past Seven, our desire is to provide products and ideas that help you host as many joyful, meaningful gatherings your calendar can hold. Because, after all, life is too short to skip the celebration.

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