The Bar Bundle: Why We Love It

There is no lack of inspiration for building a home bar on the internet. From blogs to pinterest to print magazines, there is a bounty of ideas! But let's cut through the clutter. Here's what you *really* need to create your essential bar (minus the alcohol).

1. 21" Rectangular Rattan Tray: This tray is perfect for serving your drinks and / or displaying your glassware. If you have room to leave it out regularly, curate all your glassware here for a pretty, inviting vignette. If you don't have the space, have it at the ready so it can be used to serve drinks as your guests arrive


2. Scalloped Rattan Tray: This cult-favorite, this is the tray that will corral all your liquor, tools, etc. With its tight, dark weave, this will work with almost every decor. However, the scalloped detail adds personality and character. This tray is deep enough to house big pieces - like liquor bottles and shakers - and is the perfect spot for your ice bucket.


3. Your choice of an ice bucket: To top off your bundle, pick your favorite of our three ice buckets - our Navy Tortoise Bucket, Starry Night Bucket, or Rattan Champagne Bucket. While they all have the same purpose, they each bring unique qualities - Navy is more masculine, Starry more whimsical, and Rattan more efficient with its acrylic insert. Whichever you choose, they are both practical and decorative and can be left out on your bar day in and day out.  


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