How to Care for your Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs and the stories they tell are some of our favorite home elements. We love layering over sisal rugs and we use them as a neutral even when they have detailed patterns. 


Caring for your vintage wool rugs can be a little intimidating, so here are some simple instructions to help you keep your piece in the best shape possible:

1. Vaccum as you normally would, being careful if your rug has fringe

2. Liquids will generally pool on top of the rug, so quickly blot dry if a spill occurs

3. If you do get a hard-to-clean spot, use a gentle dish sopa and warm cloth to scrub.

4. once a year, or as needed, you can take your rug outside and clean with a hose and gentle dish soap letting it air dry in the warm sunshine. This is a traditional method still used today.

5. For very serious stains, take to a professional cleaner well-versed in Oriental rugs. 

6. Never use chemicals at home on your rugs and never machine wash.


Follow these instructions and your rug will last you for years (and could likely be one you gift to your grandchildren).


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