Mimosa Bar Bundle: Why We Love It

We love this Mimosa Bar bundle. You might see this and think "Oh, I don't drink a lot of mimosas, this bundle isn't for me." I'm here to convince you otherwise.


This bundle includes two Hourglass pitchers, our 21" Rectangular Rattan Tray, and our Rattan Champagne Bucket. For the sake of argument, let's assume you do want to use this for a mimosa spread. The two pitchers are perfect for orange juice and then a second juice (Margaret loves grapefruit, Jen loves mango). It's obvious, but the champagne bucket is perfect for multiple bottles of bubbly (and the acrylic insert will keep the champs cold and the cleanup easy). The tray can be used to house your drinkware (we're biased but love our Starry Night Champagne glasses) or it can be used to display and house all of these included pieces.


But let's assume you are NOT a mimosa fan. Here are a couple other scenarios where this bundle is super helpful:

-To serve other alcohol: chill white wine or beer in the rattan bucket, drinkware on the tray and either still or bubbly water in the pitchers. 

-A kid's birthday: chill juice boxes or gatorades in the bucket, serve cupcakes or snacks on the tray (remember: the glass insert in the tray makes for easy clean up) and serve still or bubbly water (or juice) in the pitchers.

-Use separately: since you might have 'bundle' on the brain, remember these pieces can all be used individually. The pitchers are perfect every time you host dinner or drinks, that tray can live in any room in your house and the bucket will be the piece you reach for every time you host happy hour. When we say it will keep your drinks cold, we mean COLD. We've woken up the following morning to ice still in the bucket.

So there you have it. Lots of reasons this bundle needs to be in your Hostess Closet.

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