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Maggie Bratton Dillon is an interior designer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. A graduate of Wofford College, Maggie’s first foray into interior design began at Circa Interiors & Antiques in Charlotte, NC. From there she joined Charlotte Lucas Interior Design while simultaneously pursuing graduate studies at The Art Institute of Charlotte. During her nearly six years with Charlotte Lucas, Maggie honed her expertise and developed a distinct eye for mixing pattern, color, and texture. She also played an integral part in significantly growing the company through her innate organizational skills and strong understanding of the business. 

Maggie Dillon Interiors was founded in 2020 with a goal to provide an approachable resource within the interior design space. Maggie is continuously inspired to help clients discover their own personal design aesthetic or bring new life to a significant piece that has been passed down. She is recognized for her unique ability to combine highs and lows, such as old antiques and new production pieces, to achieve a balance that’s at once timeless and fresh.

How do you like to entertain? What is the vibe (where, feeling, how)? – Any occasion; a baby shower, an oyster roast, a Thursday night girls dinner. Hosting (with a pretty table) is my love language. 

What are you serving? – Chrissy Teagan’s Cobb salad has been on repeat in our house this summer. Sushi takeout is also foolproof! 

What are you sipping? – An especially cold glass of Sancerre is hard to beat given the recent heat. 

What are you wearing? – Lately, anything Alix of Bohemia. Elevated so as to feel more special than your average everyday wear, but just long and flow-y enough for a no shoes, relaxed vibe. 

What are you listening to? – An Aretha playlist is always a crowd pleaser. 


How do you make your guests feel special? How do you make them feel at home? – I love to pull out linens no matter the occasion. Even if it’s just me and my husband for dinner, we’re using cloth napkins. I think a guest feeling like it’s a no-fuss environment (even if it took a lot of fuss to get there) is important. Save the dishes for after they’ve gone and enjoy the company while you have it. 

If you are hosting a dinner, what is your go-to centerpiece? – I keep my dining table locked and loaded, and lately it’s been with a handful of bud vases sourced on a girls’ trip to Paris. Whether they’re full or not, they add just the right amount of interest. 

How do you end a celebration? – I try not to! 

What is your favorite Half Past Seven product to entertain with? – I’m loving the Starry Night Water and Rocks glasses. Very sweet and functional for any occasion. 

Let’s play this or that… 

  • Charger OR Placemat: Charger 
  • Stemmed OR Stem-less: Stemmed 
  • Red OR White: Red 
  • Tablecloth OR Bare: Tablecloth 
  • Votives OR Taper Candle: Taper 
  • Formal OR Informal: Both! Highs & lows make it all work.

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