Five Ways to Elevate Your Powder Room

While powder rooms might not be the first room you think of when you envision entertaining guests, it is certainly one of the most essential. Chances are most of your guests will use it at some point, so here are five easy tips to keep your powder room guest-ready. 


1. Give them a hand: layering a linen hand towel over a more practical option (like a terry towel) provides both beautiful and practical options. We love our hand-stitched linen options, like these.

2. Add some warmth: provide a little warmth underfoot by adding a small rug. We love these "gateway rug" options and think that a pop of color and softness goes a long way in a small space. 

3. Take it up a notch: incorporating a candle or a vase with a bloom or two adds dimension and creates "a moment" in an otherwise utilitarian space. Our San Miguel de Allende vases and votives are perfect additions to these spaces. 

4. Add some texture: incorporating texture, like rattan, will add immediate dimension to your room (and it will hide any utilitarian components, like extra toilet paper).

5. Hide the waste: Trash is bound to happen, but make it beautiful with a more decorative or ornate wastepaper basket. Whether you choose a punchy pattern or a more elevated neutral, the addition of a beautiful trashcan can make an impact.  

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