Our Centerpiece Formula

We have hatched the perfect formula to make your everyday table more elevated and to utilize our favorite elements - flowers! Read below for our formula.

One. San Miguel Vase Duo. Start in the middle with this pair of vases - they will act as your anchor. We love that one of these is larger and a bit taller than the rest of our vases, but not so tall that dinner conversation can’t happen above it. 

Two. Starry Night Hurricanes. Working down the center of your table, place one Hurricane on either side of the Duo. Candlelight is one of our favorite details on a dinner table and the glow from our hand-etched stars is magical. 

Three. San Miguel Vase Trio. As you continue down the table, cluster one set of our Trios next to each Hurricane. We love the symmetry this is creating and how conducive it is to easy conversation. 

Four. Pewter Taper Candlesticks. Complete this tablescape by placing one of our Pewter Taper Candlesticks at each end. This carries the candlelight theme throughout the lineup and we love adding a new material, pewter.

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