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How It's Made:

San Miguel de Allende Glassware

Using century old techniques and unmatched talent, artisans in the magical city of San Miguel de Allende produce the majority of our glassware, alpaca, and pewter pieces.

 A History of Glassblowing


All of our glassware and glass vessels are mouth-blown by artists in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The mouth-blowing technique is one that was brought to Mexico in the 1500s by Spanish settlers. Glass blowers use a tradition of putting a metal pipe up to their mouth and blowing through it onto a molten glass mass. As the glass maker blows, they begin to mold the piece by delicately turning it around with the pipe until it forms the design of choice.

Who we work with

If you hold our pieces up to the sunlight and look through them, you will see hundreds of trapped bubbles, oftentimes a green hue, and sometimes a swirl of color through out the recycled glass. This is a normal and beautiful result of the process. Your purchase helps to support the preservation of heritage crafts.