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How It's Made:

Chinese Porcelaine

 How our porcelain is made

All of our Chinese porcelain is handthrown and handpainted by artisans in cottage studios, using thousand-year old techniques for today’s heirlooms. Many of our pieces are made from foot-stomped porcelain, which is valued for its rustic and unique appearance. The clay is mixed by literally stomping the components together and when fired, the minerals react with the heat in the kiln and results in distinctive blemishes that add character to each piece. Variations in pattern, glaze, color, and size are not defects. They are the marks of individual craftsmanship and the use of time-honored, ancient techniques. Because of this, we recommend ordering pairs together so our warehouse can find the most similar pieces by hand.

Formed from a fine-tuned combination of clay, kaolin, feldspar, silica, and quartz. Porcelain is the most prestigious form of ceramic that's fired at extremely high temperatures above 2300°F (1200°C). The result is a highly durable, non absorbent surface that's smooth, even when unglazed.

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