The Set Up: Fall Cocktail Party

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Occasion: Fall cocktail party

Location: open house style

Set the Tone: elevated but easy prep & clean up is a must


Candle: Young Gentry, Favorite Flannel 

Appetizer: Fig & goat cheese butter board and a crusty baguette on our large pewter tray

Plates: Bio & Chic compostable black appetizer plates

Bar: Scalloped rattan tray, rocks glasses in stripes and tortoise 

"Flower" arrangement: yard clippings & 12" porcelain dragon jar

Dress: Julia Amory Shirt Dress 

Fall is the perfect time to gather with friends before the holiday rush begins. Here are your steps for a Fall cocktail party with easy prep and even easier clean up.

To create an elevated, yet relaxed feel, start with a "flower" arrangement of clippings from your yard like magnolia leaves in our 12" porcelain dragon jar. We also recommend taking a second to turn on the Half Past Seven Fall Spotify playlist and burn a clean candle like Favorite Flannel from Young Gentry to get you in the spirit while you prep.

We love that you can set a "bar box" well in advance of a gathering and this stunning and sturdy scalloped rattan tray is the perfect vessel. Just add alcohol, mixers, lemon and lime wedges, and enjoy browsing Town and Country's Fall cocktails for inspo on other treats to include. Next, make everyone feel like a special guest by using unique, hand-blown rocks glasses in stripes and tortoise. Even add a tortoise ice bucket for a little drama. Don't you love when your barware is also art?

We don't typically follow trends, but the butter board is one we just can't resist. Incredibly practical and equally beautiful, you can't go wrong using our large pewter tray and this simple recipe for a fig and goat cheese butter board. Not only is delicious, clean up is a breeze. Add Bio & Chic compostable black appetizer plates and you'll be able to head to bed minutes after your last guest departs. 

Now that you're ready, pop on the easiest dress in our closet (ours is the Julia Amory shirtdress) and head to your "bar box" barefoot to make yourself a drink while you wait for your first Fall guest to arrive.



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