How to: Host an Easy Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be intimidating but, at the core, your guests are thrilled to simply be included. Follow our tips to streamline your evening and create a party everyone (including the hostess!) will enjoy…

Make a plan. Decide what you will be serving at least 24 hours in advance. Whether you’re ordering in or preparing at home, this will give you time to ensure you’ve accounted for the necessary courses. 

Set the table in advance. The more you can check off in advance, the better! We encourage you to set the table a day (or several) ahead of your party. Keep it simple with our low bud vases and votives. Your guests will be able to see across the table to keep conversation going, but you’re still creating a lovely ambiance.

Stick to your staples. Have a few go-to items you love serving? Great! Don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel every time. For an easy appetizer, we always grab Virginia peanuts, potato chips and olives (served in our Revere Bowls, of course). If we’re serving dessert, it’s always ice cream and a simple topping (like peppermint bark during the holidays).


Relax and enjoy. Don’t let hosting stress you out! The memories with family and friends will be remembered more than anything. 

Have fun!

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